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Windows Server 2016 Essentials - 2 CPU

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Getting started in the cloud

A first server system connected to the cloud, Windows Server 2016 Essentials is the perfect choice for small businesses that need access for up to 25 users or 50 devices. Essentials is also ideal for customers who are currently using the Foundation version, which is not available on Windows Server 2016.


Windows Server 2016 provides the ability to prevent attacks and detect suspicious activities thanks to new privileged access control functions and virtual machine protection. Here's what Windows Server 2016 can do for you:

Prevent the risk of violating administrative credentials. Using the new privileged identity management features, you can limit access to Just Enough and Just-in-Time. And you can prevent administrative credentials being stolen using Credential Guard to prevent Pass-the-Hash attack.

The new Nano Server deployment option is 25 times smaller than Windows Server, while offering desktop support. This minimizes the attack surface, increases availability and reduces deployment time, resource consumption and startup time.

Add even more protection to any Windows Server 2016 deployment. Whether you're running in a cloud or on-premises, you can take the advantage of additional security features such as Code Integrity and Flow Control Guard to ensure that only allowed binary files run to protect against unknown vulnerabilities.

Detection of malicious behavior through improved security audit optimized for threat detection. Using new group membership and PNP control categories and add additional information to control events, administrators can dive deeper than ever to discover new threats.

Defend against malware attacks using built-in antimalware. Windows Defender is now included with Windows Server 2016 and optimized to support various server roles and integration with Windows PowerShell to scan for malware.

Limit exposure in the event of a security breach. If a security breach occurs, Windows Server 2016 can limit exposure by dividing its own network based on workload or business needs through a distributed firewall and network security groups. You can apply extended rules within and between segments.

2016 security
cloud ready

Cloud Ready

The cloud offers development opportunities for IT organizations thanks to a new model that provides faster evaluation and innovation time. However, many organizations must meet strict compliance or business requirements. For organizations that need it all - security, efficiency and innovation - Windows Server 2016 provides this. Windows Server 2016 is a cloud-ready operating system that supports current workloads when introducing new technologies which make it easy to switch to cloud computing when you are ready.

Operations Management Suite

Operations Management Suite can complement the existing System Center implementation or can act as a stand-alone platform, managing systems implemented in any cloud and local environment.


Essentials dashboard

Windows Server 2016 is the cloud-ready operating system that delivers new layers of security and Microsoft Azure-inspired innovation for the applications and infrastructure that power your business.

Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft.

Compare 2016 versions:

Feature2016 Standard2016 Essentials
AD Certificate Services ✔ automatically installed/configured (1)
AD Domain Services ✔ automatically installed/configured (2)
AD Federation Services
AD Lightweight Directory Services
AD Rights Management Services (3)
Application Server
DHCP Server
DNS Server ✔ automatically installed/configured
Fax Server
File Services ✔ automatically installed/configured (4)
Hyper-V -
Network Policy & Access Services ✔ automatically installed/configured
Print & Document Services
Remote Access ✔ automatically installed/configured (5)
Remote Desktop Services (6) - (7)
UDDI Services
Web Server (IIS) ✔ automatically installed/configured
Windows Deployment Services
Windows Server Update Services -
(1) Limited to the setting up of certification authorities - other features of the Active Directory Certificate Services (Network Device Enrollment Services, Online Responder Service)) are not available. More information can be found in the description of the AD CS role on TechNet.
(2) Must be the root of an ADDS domain structure and must own all operating master roles.
(3) Access requires an additional AD RMS CAL.
(4) Data deduplication is not available.
(5) Limited to 50 RRAS connections and 50 IAS connections; DirectAccess and VPN are supported.
(6) Access requires an additional RDS CAL (exception: using the Remote Web Access feature of the Essentials Edition).
(7) Only RD Gateway service is installed and configured, other remote services (including RD session host) are not supported

server upgrade path infographic

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